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UCPath Updates: Introducing the New UCPath Salary Cost Transfer

UCPath Updates

Your Next Path 

This fall, the UCPath system will begin implementing a series of enhancements that address current defects AND streamline the General Ledger administrator experience in UCPath!

The next change on UCPath's roadmap? Salary Cost Transfer.

Launching November 2023

UCPath's Direct Retro functionality is getting a makeover! The new Salary Cost Transfer functionality will improve the process of moving salary expenses between unrestricted, restricted, and work study funds.

The new functionality will allow you to:

  • Search by any value within the FAU.
  • Search by Earn Code.
  • Use system guidance to determine which tool to use: the old (Direct Retro) or new (Salary Cost Transfer) functionality.
  • Complete transactions more easily for individuals with Multiple Components of Pay (MCOP).
  • And more!

Whom does this impact? 

These changes will affect those with administrative UCPath General Ledger roles:

  • GL Initiator
  • GL Approver
  • GL Inquiry

How Can I Prepare?

Keep an eye out for our next UCPath Updates communication. We'll provide a breakdown of the impacted pages, what the changes look like, steps for success, plus expanded resources.