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Create a Case with CRU

Create a Case | CRU

Review the below topics to determine if your issue is something we can help with! Scroll to access our case creation forms for department transactors and current/former employees.


UCLA Topics Include:
  • AWE Routing and UID Issues
  • AYSO
  • Benefit Cost Transfer
  • Compensation
  • Defect
  • Employee Relations
  • Expedited Pay Card
  • Feedback UCPath Help Training
  • Foreign Payments
  • Funding Entry
  • General Ledger
  • HR Compliance
  • Human Resources
  • I-9 Tracker
  • Labor Relations
  • Mass Data Transactions
  • Mass Funding
  • Mass New Hires
  • Mass Pay File (I-181, I-618, I-171)
  • Multi-Headcount Position Updates
  • Nonresident Alien - GLACIER
  • Other
  • Overpayment Packet Distribution
  • Parking Deductions
  • Reporting
  • Talent Management

Department Initiators & Approvers

Benefit Cost Transfer

  • UCPath Initiators/Approvers: Use this form to submit a request for a benefit cost transfer (BCT). Your case will be assigned to a General Ledger CRU team member for processing.

GLACIER Online Entry

  • UCLA Admin: Use this form to request the setup of a GLACIER record.


  • UCPath Initiators/Approvers: Use this form to submit a question on the behalf of an employee or for guidance on UCLA-owned systems/topics. Pay-impacting cases are prioritized.

I-9 Electronic Upload of Work Authorization Documents

  • Tracker Users: If remotely hiring an employee, use this form to start the process for the employee to securely upload their work authorization document images. More information can be found here

Foreign Entity Payments

  • UCLA Admin: Use this form to request the approval to pay a Foreign Entity/Vendor.

Current & Former Employees 

Current Employee

  • Current Employee: Use this form to submit a question/request related to your gross pay or UCPath online access. Pay-impacting cases are prioritized. 

Former Employee/Non-Employee

  • Former Employee/Non-Employee: Use this form to submit a question or request to CRU.


  • Nonresident Aliens: Use this form to submit GLACIER documents.


  • Nonresident or UCLA Admin: Use this form to submit a question for GLACIER assistance, general Nonresident Tax, or Foreign Payments.
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