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UCPath Enhancements & Training Updates: March 4 - April 5

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March 1 - April 5

UCPath recently implemented the below changes.


Approval Workflow 



Removed the phone number from the fluid approval detail.


General Ledger



Refined the accounting date logic in the salary cost transfer journal modification program to improve performance.

3/6/24 &

Payroll & Compensation 



Improved performance of the Custom Paysheet Creation/Load to Paysheets (I-621). 


Workforce Administration 



Updated the approval required field to allow legal name change requests to display on the search page. 

Added job code description and standard hours when the job code is populated in the contingent worker direct entry process 3/28/24
Prevented Academic rehire reinstatements from using prior row's last day worked value. 3/28/24
Fixed an issue to prevent changing employee class on the same record. 4/5/24

Training Updates

Category Summary Referenced Material DATE
Academic Job Aid was revised to reflect the new GSR Trainee/Fellow job codes and job setup examples.  Job Aid: GSR Fellow or Trainee Job Setup - Payroll Components 4/1/24

Other Reminders

Did You Know?


Use the Missing Personal Data (R-130) report to identify employees missing personal information.

If the birth date of an employee is missing:

  • UCPath cannot prepare self-service events allowing employees to make benefit enrollment elections.
  • UCPath is unable to generate a paycheck.

Employees without an SSN will have a variety of issues, including:

  • The vendors' inability to load their benefit enrollment elections (Delta Dental, VSP, Principal Health Net, and Anthem)
  • Duplicate accounts with Fidelity when the SSN is updated. 
  • Safe Harbor participants will not be funded.
  • The inability to receive an expedited payment on a pay card.
  • Incorrect information with the Employment Development Department (EDD) for unemployment benefit purposes

UCPath automatically reduces the employee’s eligible FMLA hours, CFRA hours and PDLL hours when the employee is on an unpaid FMLA, CFRA or PDLL extended leave using a function known as auto-calc.

  • UCPath reduces the employee’s eligible FMLA hours, CFRA hours, and PDLL hours based on a full-time equivalent (FTE) and 8 hours in a workday. Employees who are not full-time or whose workday is not 8 hours may need the locations to make updates to their FMLA balances, adding or reducing additional time.
  • When employees take a leave, the location adds the absence hours taken to the Time Entry (I-181) file. The location should also submit an extended absence request that outlines what specific type of leave the employee is using:
    • FMLA – Family and Medical Leave Act
    • PDLL – Pregnancy Disability Leave Law
    • CFRA – California Family Rights Act
  • UCPath will link the leave information from the Time Entry file to the detail entered in extended absence, in order to decrement the correct leave bucket.

When terminating a job for an employee with additional pay that should also be terminated, make sure the additional pay end date matches the job termination date.

Employees can see their leave balances in UCPath.

  • Active employees will see eligible / available accruals including vacation, PTO, sick, etc.
  • Employees on an intermittent leave will see additional balances for CFRA and FMLA.
  • These balances will display for the entire year of leave.
  • Balances are refreshed after each AM process run.

To view:

  • Quicklinks > Payroll Resources > Payroll Processing Schedules & Working Hours
  • Check "Leave Accrual Available on UCPath" column for the updated balance date.