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UCPath Enhancements March 1, 2024

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February 9 - March 1

UCPath recently implemented the below changes.


General Ledger



Resolved an issue where the decimal length of the field caused the paid percent value to exceed 100%.


Payroll & Compensation 



Modified the Employee Bank Info Batch (I-303) program to only use the job record to validate the employees’ primary job and to truncate the value in the Name field to 50 characters.


March Release Reminders

  • The March release go/no-go decision is scheduled for March 4.
  • All AWE transactions should be approved by Thursday, March 7, 3:00 p.m.
  • Ask UCPath will be unavailable on Saturday, March 9, from 2:00 p.m. to 4 p.m.
  • UCPath will be unavailable Friday, March 8 12:00 p.m. to Monday, March 11 6:00 a.m. for implementation of the March release. UCPath will not be available to employees and transactors during this time.


Did You Know?



The Benefits Vendor File Schedule Calendar - 2024 is available on UCPath. 

The vendor file serves as a crucial tool to track when employee enrollments and demographic changes are reflected with the vendor. Here's a breakdown of what each type of file includes:

  • Changes Files: Capture new enrollments, enrollment changes, and terminations.
  • Full Files: Encompass all active enrollments, new terminations since the last change file, and demographic changes (address change, name change, gender change, DOB, SSN).

For Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

  • Changes Files: Cover new enrollments, terminations, mid-year changes (increases/decreases of annual pledges), and both bi-weekly and monthly contributions.
  • Monthly Files: Include all active enrollments and demographic changes.

Regarding Social Security Numbers (SSNs)

  • Anthem, VSP, Delta Dental, Principal (PD), HealthNet (Active), WEX (FSAs), and Health Equity (HSAs) do not accept enrollments/contributions for employees without SSNs.

Address Requirements

  • HMO enrollments require a U.S. Home Address (no P.O. Box).


Important Note

  • Newly enrolled employees should allow for the weekly file to reach the vendor. Expedited enrollment requests are reserved exclusively for urgent medical services and prescription needs.
  • Excluding for COBRA and Open Enrollment files, UCPath files to vendors do not send future data (e.g., new enrollments, changes, terminations, etc.). For example, a new enrollment effective 3/1/24, will be sent to the vendor on 3/5/24.


  • The pay group defaults to DEF when a person is hired, rehired or transferred.
  • A batch process runs multiple times per day to assign the appropriate pay group based on a variety of factors including union affiliation, FLSA status, pay frequency (monthly or biweekly), etc.
  • Pay group is a way to group employees based on shared characteristics to facilitate payroll processing.

Pay Group Override

  • A pay group override can be requested to align the pay frequency (monthly or biweekly) for employees with multiple jobs.
  • A pay group override can be requested during HR template processing by including a comment on the template.
  • A job data update form can be attached to an UCPath inquiry for overrides not requested on the HR template
  •  Special pay groups exist for certain scenarios (X= location code)
    • XMH: allows hourly employees to be paid monthly
    • XBE: allows exempt salaried employees to be paid biweekly
    • XMS: is used for monthly salaried employees and requires hours be submitted positive time



New and current employees should add or update their primary (preferred) email address in UCPath. The email is used:

  • During a leave of absence, UCPath may contact the employee about benefit premiums using the primary (preferred) email address.
  • UCPath may use the primary (preferred) email address to send information about the UC Retirement Plan buyback process.
  • UCPath sends new hire system notifications to the primary (preferred) email address following determination of benefits.