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UCPath December Release Summary

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December Release Summary

UCPath is planning to implement the changes below in the December release. These changes will be visible on Friday, January 6, 2023.

Note: this list does not include changes or defects resolved prior to December 19, 2022.

Absence Management


Implementing additional components to the IX-Unit 18 Pay for Family Care and Bonding (PFCB) provisions, including a tracking mechanism that will allow locations to track IX-PFCB leave hours

Providing an employee their missed post doc paid time off anniversary award

Enabling self-service functionality to view the pay for family care and bonding bank

Determining the root cause of manage accrual process failure when processing medical resident term vacation (MTV) transactions

Resolving the issue causing submitted usage to be rejected on the time and attendance data inbound interface (I-181) for an invalid absence element

Updating the accrual program to allow an employee on unpaid military leave to receive accruals for vacation, sick and service credit



Cleaning up extra annual benefits base rate (ABBR) rows that were created during ABBR open enrollment window

Creating an outbound interface to send Unify HR 1094c and 1095c data for producing and mailing annual 1095c forms and report ACA information to the IRS and applicable states

Payroll & Compensation


Updating the UC_TAX_DATA page to show the correct tax data income code and FICA status

Workforce Administration


Providing a retroactive 6% across-the-board range increase effective January 2022 for the NX bargaining unit

Retiring PayPath Landing Page based on the implementation of Improved Navigation

Restricting the option to select a previous salary grade

Updating the Excel to CI program to place retro position updates in the correct row within UCPath.