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Salary Cost Transfer Project


UCPath's Direct Retro functionality is getting a makeover! The new Salary Cost Transfer functionality will improve the process of moving salary expenses between unrestricted, restricted, and work study funds.

The new functionality will allow you to:

  • Search by any value within the FAU.
  • Search by Earn Code.
  • Use system guidance to determine which tool to use: the old (Direct Retro) or new (Salary Cost Transfer) functionality.
  • Complete transactions more easily for individuals with Multiple Components of Pay (MCOP).
  • And more!


SCT Office Hours

Tuesdays 11am-12pm

Our Salary Cost Transfer Project Team will offer Post-Go Live support with office hours from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Tuesdays, starting November 14 through December 12. Sessions are open to all UCPath General Ledger users.

Register for SCT Office Hours

UCPath Illuminated

On Monday, October 23, we hosted a UCPath Illuminated training webinar to help you prepare for the new UCPath Salary Cost transfer initiative.

Project Glossary

Become an expert on all things Salary Cost Transfer by familiarizing yourself with these critical terms:

Direct Retro is a page in UCPath that is used to move salary expenses from one or more FAUs to another. This page will eventually be phased out and replaced by the new Salary Cost Transfer page.

A fund type that has restrictions on spending and must pass special cap rules when editing redistributions. This fund type is most closely associated with Multiple Components of Pay (MCOP) used for the Health Science Compensation Plan (HSCP) and Negotiated Salary Trial Plan (NSTP). 

Salary Cost Transfer (SCT) is a page in UCPath that is used to move salary expenses from one or more FAUs to another. This page will eventually replace the current Di reel Retro page. Earnings that occur from October 2021 and November 2023, that have not previously been processed through Direct Retro will be available to process via SCT. Earnings after November 2023 should be processed through SCT. 

A fund type that has no restrictions on spending and can be redistributed without special edits.

A fund type that is used to charge and share salary expenses between Financial Aid Programs and the Department. This fund type is used for student employees who are participating in Work Study. 

For a complete GL terms and definitions, head over to our Training Glossary