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New SCT / Direct Retro Processing Calendar Available

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New Processing Calendar

Accessing important dates and deadlines for Salary Cost Transfer (SCT) and Direct Retro transactions just got easier! Use our updated calendar with two components to identify deadlines for SCT transactions (Tab 1) and Direct Retro transactions (Tab 2). 


SCT / Direct Retro Calendar Resource Page 

SCT / Direct Retro Processing Calendar Components


1. New SCT Processing Schedule

Recently, UCPath launched the Salary Cost Transfer (SCT) functionality, which will replace Direct Retro tool for moving salary expenses between unrestricted, restricted, and work study funds.

UCPath created a new processing schedule for SCT transactions so users can track deadlines for SCT approvals and when they should expect to see approved transactions in the Labor and General Ledgers.

2. Updated Direct Retro Schedule

The Direct Retro tool is still in use for specific transaction types, but will eventually be phased out of UCPath.

In the meantime, UCPath modified the processing schedule for these transactions to occur on a monthly basis. Users can use the modified schedule to track associated Direct Retro deadlines and approval dates. 


2023-2024 SCT / Direct Retro Calendar 

Need Help?

If you need support for these schedules, please open a case with us via our HR/Admin form. On your request form, enter the following:

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