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Defect Status Update: GAEL Assessment

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For details about the defect, please see the original defect communication.
We worked with the UCPath Center to address the critical defect under Jira # UCP-106566 and identified fixes to:

  • prevent the issue going forward
  • correct the existing charges on campus FAUs

Going Forward

The UCPath Center has fixed all GAEL configurations to assess at the correct rates and charge to the correct GAEL sub/object codes.

Existing Charges

The UCPath Center is running a fix on each impacted pay run.  In the labor ledger (and your Relating Labor Ledger data to General Ledger Accounting Period reports), the fix will look similar to a direct retro.  You will see the original incorrect assessment, a credit line reversing the assessment, and a new line for the correct assessment.  For example:




Line Description


Doe, John



GAEL AL Assessment - Expense


Doe, John



GAEL AL Assessment - Expense


Doe, John



GAEL AL Assessment - Expense


These adjustments have been posted for all impacted direct retros and off-cycle pay runs. The UCPath Center is currently processing the fix for the two on-cycle biweekly pay runs and one monthly pay run which were impacted by the defect. We expect to receive the data for these pay runs early this week with the intention of loading them to our general ledger on Wednesday, August 25.

Thank you all for your diligence in reporting this issue to us and your patience. As your Payroll Partner, we worked with the UCPath Center to resolve this issue efficiently and effectively!


For general information about UCPath GL and funding, please visit our newly redesigned UCPath General Ledger and Funding Resource Center.

If you have any additional questions regarding this issue, please 
open a case with us. On your request form, enter the following:

  • Topics: General Ledger
  • Category: General Inquiry General Ledger
  • Subject: GAEL Assessment Issue