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PUM Upgrade Project / Job Modernization Project

The PUM upgrade project was successfully completed and went into production on Tuesday, June 20, 2023.


This year’s PUM Upgrade includes administrative-view interface changes and additional searching functionality. These updates will only be visible to users with expanded access roles:

  • Initiator
  • Approver
  • Inquiry 

Self-service pages will not be impacted (i.e., standard employees will not see a change). 

Want to try out these changes?

Access our UCPath simulation by clicking the button below. This simulation will introduce you to various changes in system alongside providing additional information on their functionality.

Access Simulation 

Provide Simulation Feedback

If the above link is not working, access the UCPath Navigation Simulation Here. 

Job Modernization

UCLA has opted out of the initial release of this project. Transactors will see a new “Manage Job” tile in the Workforce Administration homepage, but the data will be view-only.


UCPath Illuminated – On Demand!


Project Glossary 

Become an expert on all things Improved Navigation by familiarizing yourself with these critical terms:

Denoted by three vertical dots in the navigation bar. Use to open a new browser window, add a page to your favorite, or access Oracle’s Help Site.
Denoted by a heart icon in the navigation bar. Use to access your favorite pages.
The modern, intuitive user interface (UI) being implemented in the UCPath system.
When you open a tile, on the left side of the screen is a collection of folders that relate to the task. UCPath pages are organized in the folders.
Use to search for Menu pages and employee data (Job Data and Personal Data).
Denoted by a house icon in the navigation bar. Use to return to the homepage.
The starting point for the new navigation method. UCLA users may see the Workforce Administration and/or General Ledger Administration homepages. There are additional homepages that are not applicable to UCLA location users.
The UCPath Center project dedicated to updating the fluid interface.
Use to access your recently visited and favorited pages. The navigator allows you to use the classic navigation menus.
Navigation collections consist of folders and pages that are functionally similar or part of a functional process.
UCPath transactional screens (e.g., Workforce Job Summary, Self Service Transaction Links, Manage Accruals).
Denoted by a clock icon in the navigation bar. Use to access your recently visited pages.
Icons on the homepage that represent the navigation collections.Tiles are not homepage specific and can be found on multiple homepages.
The view you see when you log into the UCPath system — it’s easily identified by its colorful interface and the left-hand navigation that displays your name and EMPL ID.