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UCPath PUM Upgrade Project SIT Update

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As of September 30, the UCPath Center (UCPC), in collaboration with the UCLA cross-functional PUM support team, has completed the PUM upgrade’s System Integration Testing (SIT). We are happy to announce that the majority of the changes identified and tested by the SIT team remain minimal, mostly consisting of minor interface updates and bug fixes!

What’s Changing?

Many of the location-impacting PUM changes relate to modules UCLA does not use. We summarized the two updates impacting UCLA below:

Smart HR Transaction Status Page – “Pending” Status

  • Current State: Submitted (requested) transactions are not categorized as “Pending” on the Smart HR Transaction Status page. Transactions may be deleted from UCPC’s processing queue.
  • New State with PUM: These transactions will now be correctly categorized as “Pending.” This will remove the ability to delete a transaction until after it's been fully processed.

Impact: Minimal - deleting submitted (requested) transactions through the Smart HR Transaction Status page has always been strongly discouraged at UCLA.

New “Edit Favorites” User Interface (UI)

  • Current State: Classic UI for UCPath “Edit Favorites.”
  • New State with PUM: Fluid UI for UCPath “Edit Favorites.”

Impact: Minimal – although the “Edit Favorites” UI will look slightly different, the overall structure remains the same. The biggest changes are:

  • Portal View: When accessing “Edit Favorites” through the standard Portal view, the “New Window” option (normally found in the top, right-hand corner of the screen) is no longer available.
  • Native PeopleSoft View: When accessing “Edit Favorites” through the native PeopleSoft view (i.e., the view when you open multiple UCPath windows), you can only exit the page by using your browser’s “Back” arrow. 

What’s Next?

In our April 2021 communication, we promised that we are committed to supporting you through this transition - our Training team is diligently working to update the existing training assets impacted by the above changes!

The PUM upgrade project is still on track for a December 2021 go-live, and no major risks have been identified. The next phase of the project is User Acceptance Testing (UAT) which will run October 1 through November 26, 2021. We will update you when the UAT findings are released!

Additional information (e.g., final cutover dates) is forthcoming. For the upgrade implementation, we expect that UCPath will be unavailable from Friday, December 10, at 12PM through Monday, December 13, at 6AM.

What If I Have Questions?

  • Check out our dedicated PUM Project page on our new site!
  • Still need PUM-related answers? Contact us through this form.