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UCPath Notice: Preparing for Changes to Salary Cost Transfers

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On October 6, we received the following alert from the UCPath Center. 

A new Salary Cost Transfer (SCT) tool is coming on November 13, 2023, that will streamline the process, resolve existing defects and provide improved data accuracy. 

In preparation for the change, location transactors must approve or deny any pending direct retro and funding transactions by November 3, 2023.


  • October 1 – November 3: Approve or deny direct retro and funding entries
  • November 6: UCPath processes approved direct retro and funding entries
  • November 9 – November 12: Cutover weekend. UCPath will cancel pending direct retros and funding entries and notify transactors of the canceled transactions

Salary Cost Transfer (SCT) Enhancements include:

  • Consolidated SCT entry page - Dynamically supports funding types
  • Improved search – Added filters for earnings end date, pay end date range, earnings code and full account unit (FAU) by location
  • Simplified error validation – Presented in real-time with a dedicated view showing errors/warnings.
  • Simplified data entry – Old/new salary expense shown in a single data entry area
  • Improved restricted SCT data entry - Simplified cap rule calculations; a separate MCOP worksheet is no longer needed for capped funds
  • Resolved direct retro tool defects within the new SCT tool
  • Increased distribution frequency of SCT data


Thank You,
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Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.