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UCPath Mass Leave Correction - Update

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What is it?

The Mass Leave Correction (MLC) tool uses salary cost transfers to address the incorrect distribution of vacation/sick earnings and their associated offsets.

Incorrect vacation/sick expense distributions result from the following:  

  • Expenses and offsets are incorrectly charged to one FAU rather than being allocated to multiple FAUs in proportion to payroll.
  • Expenses and offsets are being applied to the current FAU instead of the original FAU used during the period when the employee took vacation/sick time.

Who is impacted?

This issue is only encountered in two scenarios:

  • The employee’s funding distribution changed between the period in which the vacation/sick time was used and the period in which it was reported, AND/OR
  • The employee’s earnings had multiple components of pay (HCOMP or NSTP) in the pay period in which vacation/sick time was used.

Since UCPath has a program to correct these distributions as they are processed, MLC is only required for transactions the existing program skipped. 


What was done?

When the UCPath Center (UCPC) ran MLC for the January 2021 – February 2022 pay periods, vacation and sick earnings and their offsets were redistributed to the appropriate FAUs. UCPC posted the corrections to the November and December 2022 ledgers.


What do you need to do?

If your employees’ vacation/sick leave and offsets were incorrectly distributed during this period, please review your Relating Labor Ledger data to General Ledger Accounting Period – Salary report to ensure that the distributions have been corrected.

Campus Data Wearhouse (CDW)

NOTE: the following is required to access the Campus Data Wearhouse:

  • Single-sign on (SSO)
  • VPN (for remote employees when they are off-campus). 

Additional Resources

For general information about UCPath GL and funding, visit our UCPath General Ledger and Funding Resource Center.

If you have any additional questions regarding this issue, please open a case with us via our HR/Admin form. On your request form, enter the following:

  • Topics: General Ledger
  • Category: General Inquiry General Ledger
  • Subject: Mass Leave Correction