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Tracker I-9 Purge Status

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In the Tracker system, terminated employee I-9s have a Purge status. It is the responsibility of departments to:

  • Verify the validity of this status and
  • Request an I-9 be officially purged once the purge date requirement is met. 

Once a record has been identified, departments should: 

  1. Confirm that the termination date in the Tracker Summary tab agrees with the termination date in UCPath

    NOTE: If an employee was auto-terminated and a rehire reinstatement processed, the erroneous termination date will not be automatically cleared from the Tracker system. To reactivate the employee's Tracker record, follow the steps found in our Using the Rehire Reinstatement Template job aid.
  2. Review the Person Organizational Summary to ensure the employee does not have any active positions

    NOTE: If the employee is active in another department, create a case with CRU requesting the profile be transferred to the active department.
  3. Once the record has met the Purge Eligible Date listed in Tracker, create a case with CRU to have the record officially purged -- departments must attest that: 
  • Both the I-9 form and UCPath data have been reviewed and
  • The Tracker termination date is the same termination date found on the employee's last UCPath job record.