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Tracker I-9 Alert: Update to Section 2 User Interface

A dark blue swatch.

Tracker I-9 has updated the Section 2 user interface as part of their March 2023 system update release.

What Has Changed?

The general layout of Section 2 is now organized into two sections: Users will continue to enter Section 2 document information into the form on the right side of the page. A new column now appears on the left side of the page where users will see and interact with a new feature called Document Tiles.

See screenshot

When Should I Upload Documents to Section 2?

At this time, documents should only be uploaded to Section 2 under the following circumstances.

  • As required by the E-Verify process.
  • When Section 2 is completed remotely via Zoom, as allowed under the COVID-19 remote flexibility guidelines, the required copies of the documents are uploaded in Tracker using an Apple device.
    • If a DocuSign case was created for the employee to submit documents, do not attach the documents in Tracker.

If an employee’s documents were previously uploaded and the process does not fall under one of the scenarios identified, the Tracker Processor must delete the documents to maintain current business process compliance.

Training Resources

The following training resources are available for additional information regarding COVID-19 and E-Verify procedures:


For questions regarding Form I-9 documentation, please submit a case and select Topic: I-9 Tracker.