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Now Available: New Position Funding Report

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New Position Funding Report

Exciting news! We've launched the new Position Funding Report to help you easily manage your department's staffing and funding.

This report streamlines the process of identifying:

  • Positions that are filled but currently unfunded
  • Filled positions with funding ending soon
  • Vacant positions that might need attention

Accessing the Report

1. Log into the UCLA Campus Data Warehouse (CDW) with your UCLA credentials.

  • You'll need to be connected to a UCLA VPN for this step.

2. Click on the "Team Content" tab.

3. Choose "UCPath CDW" from the datasets.

4. Find the Position Funding Report using either:

  • Funding - Payroll Ledger - Financial > Funding > Position Funding Report
  • Workforce Administration > Shortcut to the Position Funding Report

Access CDW

Helpful Tips

  • Filter by vacancy status: Use the "Position Vacancy Status" field to specify your preferences (Filled, Vacant, or All) before running the report.
  • Find unfunded positions: Run a report with "Filled" vacancies, then in Excel, filter the "Department Budget Level" to "Department" to review the unfunded ones.
  • Find upcoming fund end dates: Run a report with "Filled" vacancies and review the "Earn Fund End Date" column in Excel.
  • Learn more: For a deeper dive into position-level funding, review UCPath General Ledger Resources and Materials.


We hope this report will provide valuable insights and help you manage departmental staffing resources. If you have any questions or trouble accessing the report, please Contact Us - we're here to help!