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Notice for Providing Form I-9 to Auditors

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We’re reaching out to clarify University procedures for preserving the sensitive information found on Form I-9. Tracker I-9 authorized users are responsible for safeguarding Form I-9 and are not allowed to circulate them.

If a campus department, individual, auditor or other agency requests Form I-9 from you, as a Tracker I-9 authorized user, you are not permitted to provide them the form.

What if an auditor requests Form I-9?

Do not provide the auditor with Form I-9.

  • If you are being audited and the agency (internal or external to UCLA) requests a copy of an employee’s Form I-9, create a case and include a copy of the audit request with your message.
  • The Tracker Lead Administrator will work directly with the auditor to provide them with the requested information or an alternative means of obtaining it.

We’re collaborating with UCOP to build a long-term solution for providing requested information to auditors without using Form I-9. Thank you for your cooperation as we work together to protect sensitive employee information, mitigate security risks to the University, and comply with UCOP regulations.