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Concurrent Hire Transactions Erroneously Initiating New Tracker Profiles and I-9s

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What is Happening? 

Over the last few weeks, UCPath concurrent hire transactions have erroneously initiated new Tracker profiles and I-9s. 

In order to resolve this error, the Central Resource Unit (CRU) must manually delete or deactivate the duplicate Tracker profiles and I-9s. If an employee has already signed Section 1 of the erroneous form, CRU must maintain this information. 

The UCPath Center is investigating this ongoing issue; however, no additional information is available at this time.

What Do I Need to Do? 

  1. Proactively identify impacted employee records:
    • Navigate to the Remote I-9 Center at the bottom of your Tracker Dashboard
    • Review the Section 1 Due and Section 2 Due tabs
    • Determine which in-progress I-9s are valid and which are a result of the system error

      NOTE: Employees might also directly contact you to report the issue. 
  2. Create a CRU case for each impacted employee: 
    • Topic: I-9 Tracker
    • Subject: Delete or Deactivate Erroneous I-9
    • Description: Include the employee's Tracker Profile ID

      NOTE: A case is still required if the employee has already signed Section 1 of the erroneous form.
  3. Continue to review your Tracker dashboard for duplicate I-9s

We will notify you when the issue has been fully resolved.