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PayPath Lockdown: Biweekly 1

  • Aug 6-9, 2024
  • 5 p.m. to 6 a.m.
UCPath System

BW LOCKDOWN: August 6 - August 9

To avoid delays in payroll processing, please do not submit or approve biweekly PayPath transactions Tuesday, August 6, 5PM through Friday, August 9, 6AM. 

For details, please see the 2024 UCPath Production Processing Schedule


The UCPath system automatically prevents specific transactions (e.g., PayPath) from being processed during lockdown windows. Departments need to avoid the transactions not covered by this feature.

  • Transactions can still be submitted and locally approved for employees not in the current pay cycle being processed (i.e., transactions for biweekly employees can be completed during the monthly lockdown and vice versa.)
  • During lockdown windows, the UCPath Center will not complete their portion of Smart HR Templates or Extended Absence Requests for employees in the current pay cycle being processed; however, these transactions/requests can still be submitted and locally approved.
  • The UCPath Center suspends all Mass PayPath transaction processing during lockdown windows regardless of the pay cycle (i.e., biweekly or monthly); however, these files can still be submitted to the Central Resource Unit (CRU).

A complete overview of what is prevented and allowed can be found in the below matrix.

Matrix outlining which functions are allowed and prevented during UCPath lockdown windows.