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Alien - Required Forms for Scholarship Fellowship Payments

Forms Relating to Tax Status of Scholarship/Fellowship Payments

Tax status for Foreign Nationals who are not U.S. Permanent Residents, Refugees or on Asylum status, is determined through the GLACIER online tax reporting system. All nonresident tax forms generated from GLACIER are to be submitted by the individual to the Central Resource Unit for review. 

  • See How to process a Scholarship Fellowship Payment to a Foreign National for more detail.
  • Questions regarding tax status and forms for Scholarship or Fellowship payments can be directed to the Central Resource Unit.

Forms Relating to Scholarship/Fellowship Processing

The following chart indicates additional form requirements for Graduate Student Support awards. These requirements reference forms that should be submitted to Graduate Student Support for processing of the actual award.

Forms Required for Graduate Student Support Awards

Award Type  Contract  FAFSA  Financial
Graduate Division Funds:
Fees/Nonresident Tuition
Yes Yes for U.S. Resident Yes for Nonresident
Fee Remissions (AAP)      
Stipend Yes Yes for U.S. Resident Yes for Nonresident
Conference Travel Yes Yes for U.S. Resident Yes for Nonresident
Relocation Expenses Yes Yes for U.S. Resident Yes for Nonresident
  • Contract - The "Offer of Graduate Student Support" is mailed by your department’s workgroup to the student’s address. Two copies of the offer must be signed by the student and returned to the Graduate Student Support Office. Contracts are generated for Special Fellowships, allocation-based fee, nonresident-tuition, stipend, conference-travel/research, relocation expense, and ICFOG awards. Contracts are not generated or required for AAP fee remissions.
  • FAFSA - Not applicable to nonresident alien individuals.
  • Financial Statement - U.S. nonresident students cannot complete the FAFSA, Graduate Student Support uses the "Financial Statement" to collect the financial data required from international students receiving Graduate Division funds. Also, in special cases, this form is used as an interim method of collecting U.S. citizen/resident financial data in the event that an individual’s FAFSA processing significantly delays award payment. Any U.S. citizen/resident permitted to use this interim method of data reporting must complete the FAFSA in addition. 

For more information regarding Scholarship or Fellowship form requirements please refer to Tax Information & Forms for UCLA Award Recipients.

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