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Alien - How to Process a Scholarship Fellowship Payment to a Foreign National

Step 1 : Determine correct classification of payment  

  • If the fellowship scholarship payment requires any services to be performed, this would be considered compensation. Please consult employee guidelines for further information. 
  • If award is for scholarship or fellowship payment to provide financial support for a student in a degree program. Go to Step 2. 
  • If award is for fellowship payment to provide for an individual to conduct their own research. Go to Step 2.  

Step 2: Determine if foreign student or scholar is eligible to receive funding

  • Review Scholarship Fellowship Visa Eligibility Chart to determine eligibility. 
  • If not, eligible, please contact Graduate Division or Financial Aid for further information.

Step 3: Complete appropriate paperwork to set up Scholarship or Fellowship payment  

Graduate Division Funding 

  • Complete Departmental Allocation Recommendations form (see Logon to Graduate Division Intranet in Related Information). 
  • Go to Step 5.

Departmental Funding

  • Complete Award Transmittal (Form 10) for graduate-based funding. (see Logon to Graduate Division Intranet in Related Information) Go to Step 5.
  • Complete Financial Aid Award Transmittal Form (see link in Related Information) for undergraduates.
  • Go to Step 5.

Payment is being processed at UCLA to an individual who is not a registered student

Stop: Contact UCLA Graduate Financial Services to determine how to proceed: (310) 825-1025.

Payment is being processed by UC Office of the President

Stop: Contact UCLA Nonresident Tax Compliance Administrator: Please open a case to contact the Nonresident Team.

Step 4: Identify award type 

  • If award is limited to amounts not exceeding mandatory fees and/or non-resident tuition: Go to Step 8.
  • If funding is towards living expenses (funding outside of, or exceeding fees and non-resident tuition in connection with enrollment at UCLA): Go to Step 5.
  • If funding is toward a student’s taxable travel expenses: Go to Step 5.
  • If funding is toward living expenses that are from a foreign source of for a recipient currently outside the United States: Complete Foreign Sourced Income Statement: Go to Step 8.

Step 5:  Determine if tax documents are required

  • Permanent Resident, Asylum status, or Refugees: Complete IRS Form W-9 and Go to Step 8. 
  • All Others: Go to Step 6.

Step 6:  Complete Initial GLACIER© Online Entry Form: Refer to link in Related Information

  • A GLACIER record can be requested, once the visitor has arrived in the U.S.  
  • Initial GLACIER© Online Entry Form will begin the GLACIER process by instructing the Central Resource Unit to set up a GLACIER record for the individual.   
  • Enter the correct Relationship Type and Income Type that corresponds to the fellowship being issued.  
    • Scholarship/Fellowship Relationship Types include:  UCLA Student, Post Doctoral Scholar/Visiting Scholar and All Others.
    • Scholarship/Fellowship Income Types include: Scholarship/Fellowship: Award, Scholarship/Fellowship: Taxable Post doc Benefits, and Scholarship/Fellowship: Other.
  • Go to Step 7.

Step 7:  Provide the following information to the foreign individual

  • An email from with GLACIER logon information will be sent to them.  This email is not spam or phish so that they should not ignore it or delete it.
  • Instruct individual to select the appropriate Relationship and Income Type as indicated on Initial GLACIER© Online Entry Form.
  • They must complete their GLACIER Tax Record in a timely manner in order to receive payment.  
  • Once completed: print, sign, date and submit the required tax forms and supporting information indicated on their GLACIER Tax Summary Report to the Central Resource Unit (CRU) by opening a case with CRU.
  • All GLACIER forms and documents should be submitted directly to the Central Resource Unit by foreign individual.
  • Physical copies can be be submitted additionally to:  
    Central Resource Unit
    10920 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 620
    Mail Code: 141648
  • Go to Step 8.

Step 8:  Forward transmittal documents to:

Graduate Financial Services
1228 Murphy Hall
Mail Code: 144401

Financial Aid
A215 Murphy Hall
Mail Code: 143501

Graduate Students or Postdoctoral/Visiting Scholars

Undergraduate Students

  • Departmental Allocation Nomination Form
  • Award Transmittal (Form 10)
  • Financial Aid Award
    Transmittal Form (FAAT)                         

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