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UCOP Common Chart of Accounts

The UCOP CCoA project was successfully completed and went into production on Monday, December 12, 2022. 


The UCOP Common Chart of Accounts project shifts the order of the ChartFields located on the Funding, Direct Retro, and Budget Distribution pages:

  • The Fund field will appear before the Account/CC field
  • The Sub Override field will appear after the GL Business Unit field
NOTE: This does not impact the processing of Funding and Direct Retro transactions, the appearance of data in the Operational Data Store (ODS), nor the reports found in the UCLA Cognos system.
Common Chart of Accounts UCPath fields pre-update
Common Chart of Accounts UCPath fields post-update


We've updated our UCLA-specific training materials:

  • Job Aids: Documents focused on one specific concept or action (1 - 4 pages long)
  • Training Guides: In-depth materials describing multiple, often interconnected concepts (4+ pages long)
  • Reference Guides: Assets designed for quick consumption with helpful UCPath system screenshots (1 - 2 pages long)