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GAEL Assessment Issue

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Newly Identified Defect:

GAEL Assessment 

Recently, we were informed of an issue where GAEL is being charged as though it were salary instead of being a proportion of salary. For example:

  • If an employee makes $5,000/month, each line of GAEL would be $5,000 rather than a rate applied to that amount. Those defective GAEL lines are being charged to salary sub/object codes as well.

We are escalating the issue with the UCPath Center as a critical defect under Jira # UCP-106566 and will provide more updates as we receive them.


For general information about UCPath GL and funding, please visit our newly redesigned UCPath General Ledger and Funding Resource Center.

If you have any additional questions regarding this issue, please open a case with us. On your request form, enter the following:

  • Topics: General Ledger
  • Category: General Inquiry General Ledger
  • Subject: GAEL Assessment Issue