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Alien - Travel Overview

Under University of California Travel Policy, reimbursement of expenses for lodging, meals, transportation and related expenses are allowed to an individual travelling for business purposes on behalf of the University.

Whether or not a nonresident may receive reimbursement for travel expenses and subsistence expenses is governed by the Immigration and Nationality Act and regulations promulgated by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration and Services (USCIS). As a result, it is essential to determine the immigration status of any alien receiving payment from UCLA in order to comply with USCIS regulations.

Failure to comply with these rules and regulations can result in the imposition of substantial fines and penalties by the USCIS. In addition, an institution which knowingly violates the provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act may be debarred from receiving Federal contracts pursuant to President Clinton’s Executive Order 12989, dated February 13, 1996.

At UCLA, Travel Services is responsible for reviewing and processing all reimbursements for travel expenses as well as the moving costs associated with relocation of new hired employees. Questions related to UC Travel Policy and allowable reimbursement of expenses should be directed to Travel Services (310) 206-2639 or (800) 235-UCLA (8252). More information regarding UC Travel requirements can be found in the Travel Policies & Resources link in Related Information.

Tax Implications 

Payments made to, or on behalf of, nonresident alien individuals for the purpose of defraying or reimbursing the deductible travel and lodging expenses and are not reportable to the Internal Revenue Service as long as the requirements of the Accountable Plan rules are met. Please see Accountable Plan Rules link in Related Information.